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Mobile Websites

Functionality and design is a key combination when creating mobile websites – your “mobile” visitors are most likely on the move, in a hurry and just require relevant content such as your contact number, location, email address, opening hours etc.

..BUT they’re still going to appreciate a thoughtful design, which is exactly what you get with one of our Mobile Websites. We’ll work with you to apply your brand identity across to your mobile website.

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Why Mobile

Mobile Phones are the New Internet ~ A recent survey of about 1,100 U.S. adult smartphone users (not tablets, in this study) conducted by  market research firms Sterling Research and SmithGeiger sheds some light on why Mobile is becoming essential for all business sectors:

*Two-thirds of smartphone users say a mobile-friendly site makes them more likely to buy a company’s product or service, and 74% say they’re more likely to return to the site later. “Mobile is creating massive opportunity,” says Jason Spero, head of Google’s global mobile sales and strategy.”

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Mobile Features

Mobile websites and their usage differ quite dramatically from their desktop counterparts.
Mobile “surfers” tend to be more focussed and purposeful in their requirements of your web content.

Mobile visitors are typically local, on the move and are looking for something “actionable” your mobile website – which could be, for instance: To get directions, find your opening hours, check for current discount codes or coupons, research further product info or check stock availability, get in touch with someone, support, customer service etc.

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What We Do

We make it our business to make your business more successful in the mobile sector.

With the surge in mobile internet access it would be commercial suicide for you to ignore the onset of mobile marketing. Mobile is here now, it’s happening – Mobile is the New Internet, like it or not!
You need to ensure that your business can accommodate this exciting new medium, indeed you need to prioritize mobile, because you can bet your life that your competitors are!

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Your Next Step

The message is becoming blatantly obvious that mobile is taking the internet by storm.

Ideally we’d love to help your business to embrace this opportunity by offering you a free consultation with one of our designers or marketers.

Initially we’d evaluate your current online business and see how best to adapt it to mobile.

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SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS Marketing CampaignsSMS Marketing is becoming more prevalent in the marketing world. SMS marketing is a text messaging campaign that drives customers and clients to your business. The beauty of this type of marketing is the immediate exposure to your offer, news or deal.

Think about how most people interact with their text messages. Many people have them pop right up when they receive them, while others check their texts multiple times a day. This is not just talk, this is what the research says and what the experts see. SMS Software Available Here for a great price, just check it out!

Here’s something to think about if you are utilizing email marketing. Emails from businesses have a open rate of somewhere between 2-4% depending on the statistic you look at. SMS Marketing messages have a read rate of well over 75%!!! WOW, can you think of many other cost effective marketing avenues that have that type of read rate.

Our SMS marketing plan is simple, we offer a fully managed solution for you business. You decide how you want to utizile this marketing strategy, and we will set up the campaign for you and manage it. You just have to be able to manage the increased business that it is sure to driv

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