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SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS Marketing CampaignsSMS Marketing is becoming more prevalent in the marketing world. SMS marketing is a text messaging campaign that drives customers and clients to your business. The beauty of this type of marketing is the immediate exposure to your offer, news or deal.

Think about how most people interact with their text messages. Many people have them pop right up when they receive them, while others check their texts multiple times a day. This is not just talk, this is what the research says and what the experts see.

Here’s something to think about if you are utilizing email marketing. Emails from businesses have a open rate of somewhere between 2-4% depending on the statistic you look at. SMS Marketing messages have a read rate of well over 75%!!! WOW, can you think of many other cost effective marketing avenues that have that type of read rate.

Our SMS marketing plan is simple, we offer a fully managed solution for you business. You decide how you want to utizile this marketing strategy, and we will set up the campaign for you and manage it. You just have to be able to manage the increased business that it is sure to driv

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