Flutter RoadMap and Resource Guide

Flutter RoadMap and Resource Guide

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First and foremost in your list would be definitely getting your hands on Dart. It is what flutter uses to write everything. Learn basics

  • Data types and variables
  • Operators
  • Control flow statement
  • Function
  • Classes
  • Lists
  • Map
  • Async

If you are a complete beginner

If you have already some knowledge


At this point you should have intermediate grip on Dart. Learn flutter. Flutter is a framework that uses Dart. Learn basics

  • Widgets
  • Layouts
  • Forms & Gesture
  • Animation
  • Routing
  • State management
  • Database concepts

If you wish to get understanding of basic flutter widgets and lifecycle

If you have some knowledge follow this tutorial

State Management

At this point start Learning State Management. It is just technique of how the state should update when some action has been performed.

  • Providers
  • BloC
  • Riverpod
  • MobX

Learn Bloc


You have created the Frontend. Now there must be some data you wish to save for later use. Hmm interesting right!! This is what databases are for.

  • Firebase for storing data on cloud
  • SQFLite, Hive for locally stored data

For Hive

Responsive Ui

Time to utilise the full power of flutter. Creating apps for multi-platforms. Learn about constraints for different platforms and create you app accordingly. What I mean is say in Gmail. In a tablet email detail open next to the title. But in case of phone a list of mail titles appear and you tap on a particular email and see the details.

Difference between Adaptive and Responsive

Follow this tutorial


You thought that would be all. Certainly not :slight_smile: Get yourself familiarise with Restful Api and Json Data Parsing. It is not always the case that you will create your own backend. Sometimes you need to fetch data from other websites. Imagine you are creating an app about cryptocurrency. You will use coin market cap api to fetch the data. That would only be possible if you have some knowledge about Api and Json parsing

Beginner Level


Build a habit of

1- Ocassionally follow cook books

2- Watch “widget of the week” playlist on Youtube

Reference Material



Another great roadmap resource that is continuously updated by members of the community is:



Dev Environment


Basic Widgets

Core Design Patterns

Core Design Principles


Simple Persistence






Package Manager


Flutter Internals

Continuous Integration