Pub.Dev Weekly Review - (7-Nov-2022)

1. Wikipedia
A new wikipedia search tool written in dart language, search anything with this tool. You can also get full page data with page id. Not Supported for web.

A Preview of the Sample Example is below.

2. Scrollable
A powerful set of scrollable widgets: haptics, keyboard dismissing, and more

  • Applies haptic feedback when its child is scrolled (during scroll & reaching edge of scroll view).
:boom: KeyboardDismiss
  • Dismisses the soft-keyboard when its child is scrolled, or tapped.
:boom: ScrollableView
  • The above 2 widgets combined into 1 widget for ease-of-use

3. horizontal_stepper_step
This is a horizontal stepper can be used to indicate the progress in multiple stage. It will show progress in a horizontal bar.

A Preview of the Sample Example is below.


4. Pwa Install
A small Flutter package that allows you to prompt mobile web users to install your Flutter app as a progressive web application (PWA) on demand.

A Preview of the Sample Example is below.


5. draw_on_path
A Flutter package that is used to draw text or pattern along the given path.

Demo Video: Flutter draw on path package demo video - YouTube

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